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Without help from others, Zambezi Working Donkey Project would not exist.

Our partners are crucial to our success in the field, and we are so thankful for the many individuals

and organizations who have supported our work...

animal aid abroad logo.jpg

Animal Aid Abroad is an international non-profit organisation founded by Janet Thomas in 2007, after living and working in Egypt as a teacher. Having lived in Alexandria, Janet witnessed the cruel treatment of street and working animals every day. The donkeys and horses were appallingly undervalued, beaten and made to carry loads well beyond their capacity. Determined to be a catalyst for change, Janet flew home to Perth, Australia and formally registered Animal Aid Abroad in August 2007.

AKI logo.jpg

Animal Kind International: Animal welfare, rescue, and protection organizations in poor countries compete for extremely limited resources with so many other causes, raising funds internally—from government, individuals, and businesses—doesn't meet the needs. In most of the countries where we work, the animal welfare cause is just gaining a bit of momentum, but is still a very low priority (we're trying to change that!) To give animals a voice in poor countries, animal welfare organizations have to look beyond their borders for funding. That's where you and AKI come in!

We believe that strengthening existing, local animal rescue and protection organizations is the key to improving the world for animals.

africas eden logo.png

Africa’s Eden is a registered non-profit company based in the region. Our growing collaboration of more than four hundred members promotes the destination in a positive and informative light. Africa’s Eden believes in the strength of working together to show that we can competitively compete with the rest of the World as a premier tourism destination.

Sustainability and the practice of best green standards are encouraged. 

not the norm logo.jpg

At Not the Norm we have hand-selected and developed a small range of products that truly make a real difference to peoples' lives. 

All the products we sell are safe, natural and effective, and we will give you as much support as you need before, during and after your journey with us. Not only can the supplements and skincare products we have chosen to manufacture or distribute help transform your life, they often have a story too.

zaws logo.jpg

Zambezi Animal Welfare Services (ZAWS) is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide animal welfare and protection services to dogs and cats in and around Livingstone, in the Southern Province of Zambia.

ZAWS was established in 2014 by a group of friends who love animals. Our programs include education, community veterinary outreach, population control through sterilization and rescue. In the short time ZAWS has been operating, our activities have been welcomed by communities and local government. To date, ZAWS has rescued over 200 dogs and 165 cats, most of which have been re-homed.

melindika logo.png

Melindika is a French association under the 1901 law founded in 2016 and which aims to act for rural development in support of peasant farms. It implements skills specific to the areas of animal husbandry and animal health in disadvantaged areas.


The Abraham Foundation is on a mission to preserve and protect threatened creatures, wild and domestic, who have no voice of their own.

Over the last thirty years, we have fought to protect a variety of species on the verge of extinction or subject to abuse by working to originate, develop, and finance projects in collaboration with our NGO partners. We believe that conservation can only achieve long lasting success with the support and involvement of local communities.

zambezi horse safari logo.png

Zambezi Horse Safaris is a small owner run company which has been conducting safaris on horseback since 1988. The horses are all selected and trained by the owner, Alison Baker, who takes great care in matching horse to rider, whatever your experience level. Zambezi Horse Trails’ highly experienced, licensed guides have extensive knowledge of, and interest in the flora and fauna of the area.


Veterinarians without borders – Sweden (VSF-Sweden) is a neutral, non-partisan organization supporting veterinary organizations around the world. Our ambition is to support activities aligned with the One Health-One Welfare initiative – an initiative that aims to improve the health and welfare of both animals and people, as well as their environment. These three are all interlinked, as healthy animals are a necessity for human wellbeing, and animals with improved welfare create less environmental impact.

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