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Knowledge the Donkey

Knowledge was attacked with an axe and left with a deep and badly infected wound. A concerned neighbour called ZWDP who visited the owner and explained that without veterinary help the donkey would never be able to work again, and could possibly die from the infection. Thanks to our supporters' generosity, Knowledge was given the treatment he needed and is now on the mend.

A New Cart for Bernard


Bernard brought his homemade wooden scotch cart to us and requested harnesses to replace the yoke, but the cart was far too heavy and not suitable at all for donkeys. He asked for our help to change it and even brought scrap metal to contribute. We were able to construct a simple lightweight frame which has greatly improved the journey to market for Bernard, and his donkeys Musinzo and Sindalizi.

A Little Donkey Called Black


Black was brought to a ZWDP outreach at Kasiya village, far out in the bush. She had a very painful foot injury caused by being tied up by her leg with wire. She had lost half the hoof already and was in so much pain that she couldn’t feed her foal. When ZWDP intervened, we were not sure she would survive. Thanks to our supporters we were able to save her - she still walks with a limp but will never have to work again.

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